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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Well, I just mean that Singer said he got a twitter not only to tease his films, but also to clarify anything that gets out that may not be true. Considering the bad reaction to Halle's comments, I wont be surprised if we get some sort of clarification from him. Filming starts Monday.. and I have a friend who lives in Montreal who says it begins tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if Bryan releases a Storm related image. Something that gets all the Storm fans hyped up again.
That would be a good idea. But I never expected a huge amount from Storm in this movie, partly due to its large cast, partly due to the focus on Magneto/Xavier, partly due to the (mis)treatment of Storm in previous films and partly due to the fact Halle was announced at such a late stage (which may or may not have been to do with her pregnancy).

A meaningful contribution to the plot would be as important as good action scenes. I must admit I never expected physical fighting anyway, but I did hope for at least one flight scene. We might still get one scene of her in the skies (stuntwoman on wires, Halle emoting/gesturing on greenscreen), then see her shot down by a Sentinel, then maybe she offers Rogue her powers as she lies injured (or even dying) or alternatively summons the full fury of the elements as a last resort while lying injured or leaning against a building clutching herself.

Fingers crossed. As we've seen most cinematic weather effects anyway, I'd be happy too if we actually saw some new stuff from others (Iceman in ice form with ice slides). Some of that might get more screentime if Storm's own contribution is a little reduced. So it should work out okay in the end.

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