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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by wampa1 View Post
I was listening to a Batman podcast which suggested that where Bruce was hugely affected in a negative way by the Zorro movie, Dick Grayson should be affected in a positive way through the old swashbuckling Robin Hood movies....
A little ot, but about Bruce Wayne being hugely affected in a negative way by the Zorro movie; while the event of going out that night did rob Bruce Wayne of his parents and his life, it could have been any movie that did that, I think Wayne would be intelligent enough not to blame the movie, but blame the callous crime itself.
The fact that it was Zorro is however what gave Bruce Wayne the positive means and the vision that it was possible to recreate himself as someone (something) else, and in essence fight back. (once he found his own totem survivor creature of the night) instead of a Fox a Bat.
So it is not just all negative, the evening yes. But the movie Zorro the character what he took from it, he turned into a positive, it gave him a tool to fight back and survive through reinvention.

That said, it is by intent a dark tool, like Zorro a dark identity he takes, and by contrast you are right that Robin's choice is a bright one.

By no coincidence two characters immortalized by Fairbanks of who both Kane and Finger were fans.

As far as his portrayal if they are going to introduce a Robin, it should be a young kid close to the age of when Batman lost his parents or there's no point to the character, there should be a dark irony involved, in that while Batman chose a dark image and Robin a bright one, in their first outings together as B&R (as per Kane & Finger) it's Grayson who pushes even towards killing , and Wayne who reals him in.

Original Robin Dick Grayson is such a badass, his first appearance he alone fearlessly takes on Zucco and the gang who killed his parents, he faces and dodges gun fire, an angry mob who heavily outnumber him, picking them off one at a time while acrobating and swinging all over the top of a skyscraper construction, all before they can blow it up.

His next appearance he faces off the armed Joker alone, after Joker escapes from Batman, it's only the kid Robin standing between this cold mas murderer and freedom. The unflinching Robin kicks him off the top of a building to his death.
It's only Batman who the last second intervenes to save the Joker for the authorities.

That is Robin, raw powerful, primal energy released, demanding to be reeled in. Wayne needs to see his own unchecked self in this lost kid.
This character was "kick ass" so to speak from the beginning, long before any of the unnecessary derivative tough-kid wannabees from Jason to Tim to Carrie Kelly, to Hit-Girl or the latest Damian Wayne today. Who are thinking lets reinvent the kid sidekick.
They are all redundant imitations recycled for people , think it's just cool, new and edgy "now".
The character Robin was already doing it, if they actually want to use Robin in a movie, just actually look and stick to the source, with a contemporary costume everything that works, is already there.

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