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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Nicholson's acting in the Burton movie may have been fun but in terms of how the Joker was written in that story, the 1989 movie may just be the worst Joker story ever told. It writes the Joker in the exact opposite way he should be written and breaks almost every rule about the character.

A mob boss that wants revenge on Batman and prove that he is better than him? A man with a name? A character that is basically thoroughly explained? A man that fears death? All of that is completely the exact opposite of what the Joker is. All of this is the fault of Burton and the writers btw, not Jack's. Jack's performance is fun to watch but the main thing that hurts the Joker in that movie is the way the script characterizes him.

Thus in other words, Ledger and Nolan trying to make TDK's Joker the exact opposite of the Burton/Jack's Joker is a good thing because Burton/Jack's Joker is the exact opposite of the Joker in general. lol


Nicholson's Joker is as much the Joker as Ledger's, they're just different Jokers. Why would anyone want to see Ledger play a "Nicholson Joker"? It made sense to veer away and create your own thing, which Nolan and Ledger did. That's the beauty of interpretation.

Not every Joker fears death, not every Joker laughs at it (let's remember, the Joker could have been mowed down by the Batwing's gunfire and went down in a blaze of glory, he wasn't wincing or cowering when being shot at).

Some Joker's have a background and origin. Some don't.

Do you guys think the TDK Joker would be laughing if a random SWAT guy threw him off the building? Or if he was mortally wounded and dying by an average citizen? Or if he was killed off before any of his plans came to fruition. I don't think so.

He gets satisfaction in the fact that BATMAN through him over the edge. "One rule" remember? If he got Batman to do that, he'd win. That's why he's laughing.

Not sure why people criticize the Nicholson Joker for yelling on his way down. Why would he laugh when a heavy statue is ripping his leg down? Where's the fun or irony in that? He doesn't even know that Batman did it to him. Does struggling and yelling to your death make you any less evil or a villain? Who cares that he values his life. He planned a getaway to fight another day and is struggling on the latter. His end game and one of his plans isn't to make Batman "kill him". Of course he's going to yell on the way down.

It's not like the Joker never feared dying in the comics. Or in the Animated Series, "BATMAN, YOU WOULDN'T LET ME FRY WOULD YOU!?! BAAAAAAAATMAAAAAAAAAAAAN!?!"

He still died with a big grin on his face and got the last laugh. That's good enough for me.

Oh, and "worst Joker ever created"? C'mon. If you think he sucks, what do you think about all that Silver Age stuff. Or Caesar Romero Joker. Or the, "The Batman" Jamaican Joker. Or the great Bruce Timm/Paul Dini Joker.

Do you like the Frank Miller Joker that puts on lipstick, says suggestive homosexual things to Batman?

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