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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
Superman Returns for me. I wasn't disappointed for most of the reasons others were (the Donner connection, Superman being a deadbeat dad/stalker, not enough action). I just felt it was boring and didn't have much of a story to it. Everything was vague and lots of possible threads were left unexplored. It was uneventful. Superman went into space and found a lifeless rock. Superman returned and only Lois was angry that he left. Lex grew an island and sat around on it until Superman threw it in to space. Superman finds out he's the father of Lois's son. The end.
I'm tired of the "deadbeat dad/stalker" nonsense. Supes didn't stalk Lois. When Lois and Clark got off from work he wanted to catch up with Lois over dinner. B/c you know he's been gone for five years. And wanted to know what his old friend/partner's been up to. Heck he even got to catch up with Jimmy over beer. But instead Lois, who seems to be a little scatterbrained, was complaining about somebody (Superman) taking off without telling anyone. And even asking for Clark's opinion on the matter. Then abandons Clark b/c she had to her family's needs. And therefore didn't have time to catch up with Clark about old times and stuff. So Clark happened to hear Lois mention her address to the cab driver. And he went on from there. He had to take matters into his own hands as Superman since he couldn't get anywhere with Lois as Clark. Sure he was eavesdropping on Lois and Richard's coversation about her feelings for him and stuff. But he suffered the consequences for using his powers in that manner, when Lois mentions to Richard she didn't love Superman anymore or at all. Eventhough she was obviously lying from an audience perspective. That scene led to a great moment in the movie, imo, as Supes flies away heartbroken and watches over Earth. I thought Routh's acting was great in that moment as well.

There was a reason for the so called "stalking" scene. It was to show Superman (and the audience) how much Lois has changed and matured during Supes' 5 year absence. She's a working mother who doesn't seem too dependent on Richard. And doesn't need Superman fixing her problems all the time or anymore. She also seems to be happy supporting her family, but she also pretends that she doesn't give a darn about Superman coming back into her life after 5 years.

Supes also wasn't a deadbeat dad. His five year Krypton expedition prevented him from knowing Lois was pregnant in the first place. He had every reason to believe that Jason was Richard's child. He only found out Jason was his son by the end of the movie. That was all thanks to Lois, when she told him in his coma. She obviously told him out of guilt b/c she thought Supes was on his death bed at that moment. I'm sure if the sequel had came out he'd have tried to get more involved in Jason's life either as Clark, Supes, or both. He did tell Lois he's "always around", when she asked him if she'll ever see him again. I'm sure by the time Jason hits puberty his powers would've kicked in. And he would then have some questions therefore would have to get involved.

It's okay for Batman to retire and let a beat cop (with no type of training what so ever) take Bruce's mantle but lord forbid Supes being a father. I actually liked that they gave Superman a kid in SR. It added something fresh to the mythos and would've been interesting to see where they would've taken it, but oh well. The 50th reimagining origin story with Zod again will have to do.

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