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Default Re: Best to watch the trilogy as Bond films, not Batman

Originally Posted by milost View Post

Not sure why people criticize the Nicholson Joker for yelling on his way down. Why would he laugh when a heavy statue is ripping his leg down? Where's the fun or irony in that? He doesn't even know that Batman did it to him. Does struggling and yelling to your death make you any less evil or a villain? Who cares that he values his life. He planned a getaway to fight another day and is struggling on the latter. His end game and one of his plans isn't to make Batman "kill him". Of course he's going to yell on the way down.

It's not like the Joker never feared dying in the comics. Or in the Animated Series, "BATMAN, YOU WOULDN'T LET ME FRY WOULD YOU!?! BAAAAAAAATMAAAAAAAAAAAAN!?!"

He still died with a big grin on his face and got the last laugh. That's good enough for me.
It worked in the movie because it was the hero's comeuppance against the villain in a classic showdown. The Joker is not supposed to win. I don't know of any Batman story where the Joker wins in the end.. He may get the 'last laugh' but only in death.

Oh, and "worst Joker ever created"? C'mon. If you think he sucks, what do you think about all that Silver Age stuff. Or Caesar Romero Joker. Or the, "The Batman" Jamaican Joker. Or the great Bruce Timm/Paul Dini Joker.

Do you like the Frank Miller Joker that puts on lipstick, says suggestive homosexual things to Batman?
Cesar Romero's Joker is awesome, what are you talking about?

I also like Frank Miller's interpretation, because he sees the Joker's relationship with Batman as borderline homosexual and that's a different take on the Batman/Joker dynamic introduced in the 70's.

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