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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
In keeping with the Skyfall analogy, wonder if Emily VanCamp is playing the new "Moneypenny."
Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
She'll probably only reveal her name at the end as Sharon, just like Moneypenny.

Now all we need is a komodo dragon.
Does that mean Cap will get shot by Sharon in this movie, only to get "resurrected" a few scenes later?

As for Redford, what if he's a veteran SHIELD agent who has made many compromises, done many shady things, and "lost his way" under the influence of the WSC, but then is given a chance to redeem himself (by Cap) later in the film? Wouldn't be the first time we've seen that in movies, but it'd still be a compelling character, especially with someone like Robert Redford in the role. Could be an analogy of America having lost its way as well.

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