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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

His origin is being a wrongfully convicted prisoner experimented on and turned into a
superhero. In the comics his powers and power levels place him between Captain
America and Hulk. These are things straight from the comic. Things that have been
established for years and some would say integral to the Marvel character.

"of desperately volunteering, in hope of parole, for Noah Burstein's Electro-Biochemical Experiment
in Human Cell Regeneration... And having it explode around him as Rackham, a guard who hates
him, tries to sabotage it!"

"Burnstein offered me a chance to volunteer for this new experiment they were trying.
It was risky, but I didn't care. If it worked, I got a chance at parole. If it didn't, I
wouldn't know any better."

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

"During Cage's prison tearm, Dr. Noah Bernstein, a research physiologist working
under a grant from Stark International, came to Seagate to perform an experiment on
volunteer prisoners, to test a chemical method to promote human cell regeneration as
an aid against disease and aging. Bernstein saw Cagfe, who was an exceptionally
well-built and healthy young man, as the ideal test subject. Sympahtetic when Cage
told him the details of how he was framed, Bernstein told Cage that he would do what
he could to get him paroled at the end of the experiment. Although suspicious at first,
Cage agreed."

Arnim Zola, Red Skull's top Nazi scientist, experimented with the Super Soldier Serum
on these men, American Soldiers, during WWII in the Captain America movie. You
could ask director Joe Johnston why Nazis would experiment on American soldiers
with the Super Soldier Serum if they thought it would create another Captain America
or Red Skull. This experimentation director Johnston has said in the commentary leads
to Bucky becoming the Winter Soldier. Who knows, maybe even leading to Dum Dum
Dugan living longer so he could show up in later films.

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