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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Just watched Returns last night, and it has to be Pfeiffer. I just don't think Anne's Catwoman has anything memorable to do in the film besides killing Bane (which I thought was a pretty weak death imo). She helps trap Batman, but all I can think about while watching that scene is that Bane and his men know Batman is Bruce Wayne and could have stormed in on him and Talia when they were sitting by the fireplace 5 minutes earlier.

She does help Batman save the city which I like, but it was kind of predictable but not in a bad way. I just love that you don't really know what Pfeiffer's Catwoman is going to do at the end of the film, instead of going back with Bruce she attacks him and kills Max and is just gone.

I've said this before but I don't think Rises gave Hathaway anything really juicy to chew on as an actress, while Returns gave Pfeiffer a lot to work with.

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