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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Since when did the films stay 100% true to the comics in every aspect? You would have a point if that were true, but it's not. You're willing to change Spiderwoman, why can't I change Cage?

I wonder if that scientist was sympathetic to all the other criminals in jail when they told him their sob story about how they were framed? Maybe people really are that simple, OJ is innocent after all, right?

Zola experimented on soldiers, all of whom died. Cage was experimented on in hopes of parole, which involves living. This is a terrible comparison.

Using parole as an incentive for criminals to participate in something is illegal. Besides, using parole as an incentive gives an inaccurate reflection of the true character of the individual as they may be acting in a certain way in order to be released early. This origin is still stupid because you're giving a criminal enhanced cell regeneration. Even if it were legal, there is no compelling reason for this scientist to be experimenting on criminals. Find a volunteer who is not a criminal. It's not hard.

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