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Default Re: Oh Jesus, here comes an Andrea thread...

It was like the writers really had a grudge against Holden.

Milton was gonna turn in a matter of minutes and what does andrea do ? She kept talking about wanting to save everyone (how about picking up the freckin pliers to save yourself). WTF ??

If you look back over the seasons....she was the most irritating character.

Season 1)
1)Making a big fuss in the shopping center about rick firing his gun at walkers.
2)Pointing a gun at rick again when her sister died and then taking her own sweet time in killing her zombified sister.
3)The cause of carol and her husband fighting near the river due to her sarcastic comments
4)Making another fuss at CDC with Dale

Season 2)
1)Treating dale badly
2)Hatching a plan with shane to leave the group
3)Kept asking for her gun every 30 mins
4)Accuses lori of sleeping with shane behind rick's back...and she proceeds to do the same
5)Giving an knife to a suicidal beth
6)Almost killing daryl (a few gun lessons..and she thinks she is a sniper)
7)Being a moron by falling of the truck and gets left behind.

Season 3)
1)Basically making wrong decisions over and over again.
2)Letting michonne leave alone
3)Sleeping with the Gov
4)She makes another fuss during the walker gladiator show and then admits to getting turned on by it.
5)She sees Daryl get caught but doesn't really question the gov about it (yeah..she did ask him...but when he shrugged her off, she sort of dropped it).
6)Blaming michonne when the team prison were hostile to her
7)Even when michonne told her in the prison that Gov sent merle to kill her...she decides to go back to WB. And sleep with him. And didn't kill him like how she sort of discussed with carol.
8)The Gov basically told to get out when he was met up with rick and Hershell sort of told her the gov misbehaved with Maggie....and she still goes back to WB.

Little wonder...why she's the most hated character in the show.

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