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Default Re: Stand Alone & Spin-Off Star Wars movies...what would you like to see get made?

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
Definitely a Kotor movie but with a different ending. I love the idea of the character Revan and his relationship with Bastila and Carth. However I think they missed a big opportunity with the ending. I thought the Star Forge and it's conception was awesome, but I also thought the Republic wouldn't realistically forgive Revan for his crimes.

Revan was once Dark Lord of the Sith and a had since become powerful as a great Jedi master, he'd saved the galaxy, and there wasn't a lot left for him to do. A much better ending IMO would be for him, Carth, and Bastila to find some kind of coordinates on the Star Forge and end with the trio traveling through hyperspace on the Ebon Hawk into unknown space to discover the secrets of the makers beyond the galaxy. Meanwhile having the Republic arriving at the Jedi Enclave to arrest "Darth Revan" and the council giving some speech about how Revan is no longer Lord of the Sith but he no Jedi either, he is something else, something much more, and end with the Ebon Hawk finally blasting into hyperspace out of view. Imo MUCH MUCH more epic than the knock off Episode IV ending.
KOTOR deserves its own trilogy. A single film isn't enough.

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