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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

For what was said about MoS laying the groundwork; he says the 'tone' (an emotionally realistic, 'serious' handling of the occurrence of supernatural elements in the very 'real' world); not necessarily the structure (being an origin story).

WW and Flash will most likely start with origin stories as well (as it's their first movie outings), but Green Lantern and Batman (who have already had origin stories recently) very well may not.

Perhaps it might seem incongruous if the previous continuity's Batman is 'closer' to MoS than a reboot because they both start with origin stories, but that's just looking at one aspect. (well actually there are many similarities: stories by Nolan, syncopy productions, Zimmer score, etc, etc)

(It's for this reason that I previously always viewed MoS and TDK as a package deal: I could never imagine a Batman reboot seeming more in sync with MoS than TDK is.)

But it doesn't mean that the Batman Reboot can't feel closer to MoS than TDK. We haven't seen MoS afterall.
Perhaps the simple inclusion of supernatural elements will accomplish this (though having it be a Nolan-produced, Zimmer-scored, Snyder-directed film (which I doubt), would help as well)


If they do stick with a rigid and emphasized throughline of origin stories in every movie however, then perhaps we can have Dick Grayson's origin in the Batman movie. The trilogy can be framed from his POV (his growth from Robin, to Nightwing, to Batman), putting Batman in the badass, unrelatable, mysterious character role that none of the league members (nor the audience) get to truly know (unless it's through Grayson's eyes).

The JL movies will most definitely not be from Bruce's POV in this scenario.

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