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Originally Posted by The Caped Knight View Post

good opening Blue Beetle & Booster Gold, Sexy time in the shower with Lois & Clark (Wow), Clark Kent returns to the Daily Planet and is greeted by Cat Grant, and flash-forward to the future with Booster & Sups.
-Like how Clark is still dwelling on Bart's "death" and also questioning Booster's knowledge of the event
-like they're showing more of the super Collider building in Antarctica that was mentioned in Detective
-A Ferris Air mentioning. Nice
-Cat Grant coming back
-the Cat Staggs cover really looks has the look of the Tom Welling and Eric Martsolf looks down pat
-great Booster and Blue Beetle
-"we wanted the kid with the Bug on his back" classic.
-a hint of the Legion time
this episode was a 10 out of 10 and a perfect introduction to Argo.

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