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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Originally Posted by Triad View Post
That's a pretty brutal scene. I don't see that style fitting Cap so much, but what a great high adrenaline fight! I loved that flick! I especially like when he ducks his head under the guys kick and tosses him into the corner. Ouch! I always thought with all that meth that getting dispersed into the air during that fight, at least they all must not have felt a darn thing afterwards while they were lying there bleeding!
Haha no doubt about it, the fight scenes in TWS will not and should not be exactly like this fight. It's far too bloody, fast, and Oriental Kung fuey. But my point was that good fight scenes, with clear kicks punches and various moves can be shown well. I think both the Dark Knight trilogy (otherwise brilliant) and Cap: TFA failed to do so when Cap and Batman are two of the most skilled fighters in comics. I want to get the thrill of action that this video had in TWS.

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