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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

Visually: Gotham, Batcave, Suit/Color, Batmobile.

Other: More in depth with detective skills, same with fighting, Grayson's POV, different villains as much as they can, never thinking of leaving the life/always obsessed with being Batman forever. Quieter when inside the suit.

Arkham Asylum as a story is even appealing when you look at how you can make a different film. Only show him as Bruce Wayne in Wayne Manor/Batcave/Public in the beginning and end of the movie. In between he's locked inside Arkham Asylum. There's a point towards the end where he could leave no problem but he has to stay longer to end something important inside.

"Guys, what would be your reaction if Alfred was Batgirl in this movie? You go watch the movie, everything cool, halfway through, Alfred becomes Batgirl."
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