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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
That edit is basically to intercut between actions that are happening at the same time. That is way of positioning time in both moments. And so he transitions , as BatLobsterRises, splitting between image and sound for the transition. So we star with her , we hear the other scene (someone speaking) starts before transition , scene plays out , cuts back to her , and he employs the same technique again (this time what triggers the transition is Alfred's voice...and it happens even another time when it goes outside to Foley).

I would say it was an easy way to intercut scenes that weren't very strong (also with the outside ) , and at the same time to define parallel actions (in time). With the scenes playing out completely and individually (her climbing with total silence , and the little dialog between alfred , miranda and the australian guy , and a little scene with the cops) maybe the pacing would be a little off. Hard to say without seeing it like that. Also it mixes well knowing that Bruce's is hold up in there (dagget says that) and so it contextualizes the space and action of Cat's going there alone , in silence.
I stll find the staircase scene to be pointless. Its visually uninteresting and doesn't accomplish anything we the audience can't infer on our own. It's Nolan's film tho so I concede.

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