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Default Re: "Please Don't Turn Down my Music": The Iron Man 3 Composer Thread

Was this the review?

If so then I don't know if I can take this guy's opinion seriously b/c he claims the theme is a callback to Williams' Supes and Indy theme. Really? I'm looking forward to the IM3 score and all. Especially after reading Tyler's description of it. And I'm hoping that the scores adds much weight to the film, but I have a hard time believing Tyler can cook up a theme that can rival some of Williams' best themes. Which many (including myself) believe to be some of the most memorable (and not to mention some of the greatest) themes in pop culture. Plus this guy loved Djawadi's IM1 score. As well as calls Zimmer's Batman scores "masterpieces". And even believes Whedon's Avengers was a dud. Which is fine that's his opinion but I don't share any of it and strongly disagree with that. Now that's gotten me worried that he's exaggerating on how "stunningly superb" Tyler's IM3 score actually is. I hope it's as good as he says but I doubt it's going to be that good. Plus the reviewer seems to be more in love with the theme than the score as whole. So I don't know.

I haven't heard anything yet from the score and will wait to hear how it is in the context of the movie before I decide to listen to it on it's own.

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