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Default Re: The Official Batman Forever Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by majcvd49 View Post
Has anyone here actually seen the deleted scenes from Forever that didnt make the 2005 Special Edition dvd? Like the scene where Riddler knocks out Chase with the syringe towards the end, pictured here on the trading card set:
I had almost the whole set of those cards, but not that one. The embossed shiny ones and the holographic cards looked awesome. I especially loved all of the Two-Face cards.

Originally Posted by Two-Face View Post
I love opening sequence, Bruce suiting up one of the best scenes then fires up the Batmobile. We see Two-Face holding a cop in the Second National Bank of Gotham. Classic!
Yeah I love that. You don't have to wait until the movie is almost over before seeing Two-Face. I call TDK mainly a Harvey Dent movie. Batman Forever is a Two-Face movie and you get to see him terrorising Gotham and laying traps for Batman.

That's why, unlike others, I like Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face and always will.

Originally Posted by Young Superman View Post

P.S Am I who liked the BF Batmobile?
I love it, it's very sleek looking.

Batman & Robin had way too much glowing colours and lights which at least fit in with all the neon.

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