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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

How about this for AIM's motives. They don't care what the results are. They are
advanced scientists who just want to experiment. One experiment is the Super Soldier
Serum and perfecting it. They use a prison population because they don't care about
what happens to them, maybe the prisoner dies, maybe another prisoner wont, maybe
he joins the side of good against them, and maybe he joins the bad guys. They don't
mind the actual results and the chaos they cause, that is the results. They experiment
and see where that takes them. Then continue from there.
So maybe they don't care what happens to any of the criminals, they just want to
perfect the Super Soldier Serum. How about that, that way they don't care what
happens to Luke Cage or if he becomes another Captain America. Of coarse their
motives wont be the focus of the film, Luke Cage and his life and actions and
character and personality will. But giving them this motivation takes away the
responsibility to explain why they would be willing to give criminals or potential heroes
In the beginning Fringe had a commercial where a scientists said "He (meaning some
other scientist) is using the world as his lab rats to experiment on." And in recent
Avengers comics Ex Nihlo likes to experiment and mess around and "create" and see
what happens. He doesn't care about what happens, the outcome and chaos is
beautiful to him. The AIM scientists could have a similar motivation. They just love
science and experimentations and invention, so they don't care about the laws that
limit them or the public their experiments effect. I also love this idea, of scientists
unleashing their experimentations on the world, using it for test subjects.
Love it inthe comics. Not for real life.
Just an idea.
Also it leaves it open to a SHIELD/Avengers crossover/interaction. Say the whole movie
is Cage versus AIM. Maybe at the end SHIELD shows up to apprehend the AIM scientists.
Maybe it even ends with the Avengers asking Cage to join, and maybe Cage is just not
ready yet, and who knows, maybe is even upset they didn't step in earlier. Maybe, because
I am just brainstorming ideas about the Avengers and SHIELD.

I actually see no problem with Cage's comic origin, simple. Simple meaning that its
not cluttered with too much explanation story, like many good Pixar films. And like the
South Park guys say, Pixar is the best at stories because they are so simple in terms
of plot. But for those who have problems, maybe the AIM thing could help.

I would LOVE it if Luke Cage's movie character could get to the
point he is in the comics now. Married, father, Avenger. It would
be great. Also include his friend, Iron Fist.

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