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Default Re: '78-'87 Superman series vs. '89-'97 Batman series

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
He was after Batman as well.
No, he's not. Batman doesn't even become a concern until they face off outside Gotham Cathedral.

Especially after he foiled Penguin's first assualt on the city.
Baloney. Batman didn't foil a thing. The point of that attack was to get his hands on Max. He got him. Batman didn't ruin anything.

So an employee of Wayne Enterprises is able to find the Tumbler plans in some 'old archives', where for some reason it just left there for anyone to find.. versus.. a criminal genius who was able to dig dirt on Max Shreck (Gotham's wealthiest businessman), has access to Gotham's underground sewer network and controls the Red Triangle Gang?
Repeating again: Reese was not just any employee. He was authorized to crunch the numbers on the LSI holdings deal. He found irregularities in W.E.'s numbers because he went snooping into files where he found the Applied Sciences division disappeared and uncovered the Tumbler plans. You're talking about plans for a vehicle being found in a company that built it in the first place. Perfectly logical and plausible.

Compared to Batman, for some reason decided to throw away his top secret blueprints to his Batmobile in the trash, where the Penguin just happened to come across this garbage and started rooting through it, found them and kept them.

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