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Default Re: The Kryptonian Thread - Language, Writing, Culture, etc.

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Faora's hair is nuts on that Lego set lol
Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
Indeed, she appears like a gothic lesbian.
Originally Posted by ElDuderino View Post
Or rockabilly lesbian. One of the two.
Literally crying laughing at the above. A man-hating gothic lesbian. (I'm a gay lady - this is ACE. )

I already have "HOPE" written in the old Kryptonian from the past 15 years on the inside of my wrist and the ol' S shield on the other side. (will upload pictures for anyone who's curious.) Would be lovely add to it with some of the new script.

I hope to see "Dark Sentinel's Kryptonese Pickup Lines - The Pocket Edition" at some point in future...

Better look at Tor-An's shield. I wonder what Dev-Em's shield will look like?

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