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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mulholland '49 View Post
Lots of fashionistas on here apparently.
Not at all actually. But costuming is a HUGE element of making a film visually stunning and memorable. The X-Men franchise, especially when compared to some of the other CBM properties has just been kinda bland in this category.

Especially the women. I've noticed that in all of Bryan's films (where Louise is doing the costuming) the actresses look way more...well, almost masculinized compared to the way these women comport themselves off-camera.

That's why I said I already expect Storm to look bland and boring in DoFP, because when you look at Louise herself, it's not exactly a very feminine look she's chosen for herself. It's rather masculine. Nothing wrong with that...but notice that she is not a fan of wearing make-up either. So therefore, I am not shocked that the actresses under her management are never really dolled up or sexy looking.

"Give The Rights Back To Marvel" is officially now a thing.

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