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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

To be fair, I never said that the characterization of Hathaway and the other two Catwoman's were the same. They're not.

What I don't understand is how Outriddled doesn't dig the Hathaway version, but likes the other two versions. I said Hathaway is channeling the Newmar version on a superficial level. Mostly in look and attitude.

Riddled was talking about looks and appearances and masks, that's why I stated what I did.

Originally Posted by Gotham's Knight View Post
Batman killing people when there's no choice (Ra's killed himself by destroying the controls so he can't stop it, Two Face had a kid at gunpoint, Talia and the thugs had a bomb that was going to destroy the city in a few minutes, what else was he supposed to do?) is different than things like shoving a bomb in the thug's pants and knocking him down the hole.
The difference between the two is the Keaton Batman doesn't have a "no killing" rule and the Bale Batman does.

It's not like the Keaton Batman is a mass murdering, cold blooded killer. How about all the freaks he doesn't kill and immobilizes non-lethally? Nobody here discussed choice. Bale Batman has a pretty cut and dry, "no killing, no guns" attitude. We don't really get the specifics to it about how LITERAL it is. Does it change when choice is involved? Do massive cannons and guns on your vehicles not count? Is it only hand guns?

Keaton Batman doesn't worry about any of this. He does what he has to.

He ironically/poetically set the FIRE breather on FIRE after he (along with those juggling stilt walkers) were setting innocent civilians on fire and burning down department stores.

Strongman thug? He took out the group before him with ease, didn't kill any of them. He has a bomb in his hands that's about to go off. This guy just hit him hard in the stomach and he taunts him to hit him in the face. Batman does, no effect. This guy is twice his size.

What's he do? He straps the bomb to him and knocks him in the hole.

Those are his two kills. I'm not justifying it, but that's the Keaton Batman's character. He doesn't have a "one rule" that he breaks. He does what he has too. And even then, did the fire breather die? Was the bomb lethal (I think it was, but we do see confetti, not intestines and bits of flesh)? The kamikaze gang member had it strapped to his chest. Was he REALLY going to run at Batman and blow himself up with the rest of his friends?

They're terrorists causing trouble, were they really going to kill themselves to stop Batman? They seemed pretty afraid when he was coming towards their sewer lair when they abandoned Penguin.

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