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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I don't think thats 'bad' editing. There's a name for that kind of transition, it's called an "L cut", which is basically rolling audio from the next scene under the end of the current scene. It's a pretty common and effective technique for getting from one scene to another. It's usually kind of subliminal. I never even quite realized the knock was heard before we cut to Wayne Manor before you just pointed it out.

And to me, if it was subliminal then that usually means it's good editing. But since you noticed it I guess it took you out of the movie, so fair enough.
I would certainly call it bad editing as even as any kind of transition, I always found it to be a very bad one. The build up of Blake saving Gordon and then a random knock...confused the hell out of me until we actually saw the next scene. Did not like it, lol.

Originally Posted by milost View Post
But thank you Anno, thank you.
I'm gonna just take this thank you from you gladly since you've been a jerk to me beforehand


Blake comes out to the catchment basin. He spots something
stuck up against the grille, thrusts his hand into the
raging waters - Gordon is there, alive. Just. Blake pulls
him up onto the concrete, hoists him up, hurrying...

Alfred opens the door to reveal Blake in his dirty uniform.

I need to see Bruce Wayne.

I’m sorry, Mr. Wayne doesn’t take
unscheduled calls. Even from police

How else do you transition to something that abrupt, that quickly? If anything, the editor should be commended for editing that monster.

"That monster"? How so?

What makes it any better than to wait and they show the next scene where Blake is knocking on Wayne Manor?

Again, don't blame the editor, blame the script writers. The script is all over the damn place and it's not neat and logical like the last two Lord of the Rings films or other movies that jump from different characters and events.
No need to blame the writers when the part on the script is absolutely fine.

Besides, isn't Nolan right there in the editing room telling the editor what to do? C'mon.
An editor should have at least some say-so when he/she is an editor, or is this just another of your attempts at making TDKR just this terrible project from the beginning by saying Nolan should get all the blame now? Lol.

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