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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

It was O.K., though still too much 'one-and-done'ishness going on for my liking (like
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Darkmount being blasted to the ground, the 'Bots bridging Predaking into the Arctic, and Megatron getting whupped into a very brief 'reign' over the Earth
), although Shockwave bridging out could hopefully play into resolving that second gripe. Also didn't really care for Ratchet's full 180 in attitude over the matter of what possible chance they have now of reviving Cybertron...yeah, I'd expect him to be relieved that Op's on his feet again, but I'd think
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
the Solus Forge now being completely drained
would temper it.

That having been said, though, Ultra Magnus is awesome (voice of Michael Ironside=WIN) - I don't see him so much being a jerk as he's simply more by-the-book than the rest of the Autobots; it'd be interesting to see how his character develops over the rest of the season. Smokescreen's also nicely portrayed in this ep, IMO.

Megatron being finally enraged beyond reason is always a plus, too - and I'm also pleased to see Starscream didn't just pull another of the same old subversive bag of tricks (like running for his life) as things fell apart for the 'Cons - you could see the gears working there, so hopefully he's got a card or two up his sleeve left to play. I can imagine with the series' end looming that Megatron has finally had about all he can take.

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