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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

Originally Posted by Just_Human View Post
lol at "Superman" and "Realisitic" in the same sentence
I think Superman can be realistic, there is so much to this universe we do not know. One day, a 6 ft nordic looking humanoid could make contact with the world and tell us they seeded us to mine gold - ok, been listening to ancient aliens too much. Anyways, i digress.

We can start off, for Bats reboot with Commissioner Gordon investigating a few crimes where a vigilante dressed as a bat has interfered. Evidence has been taken, then posted back to Co. Gordon, with possible outcomes, helping him solve crimes - on one hand, he is confused as to what the batman is, on other, he is impressed with his skills - this shows off his skills as a detective, doing what the gcpd can't do, or at least quicker.

We also see gotham, a great city, but with terrible crime, due to inner city slums, cliche but can be an interesting back story.

There are various types of gangs - mafia style and low end, messy amateur crime.

Riddler, Penguin could be good 'heads' of crime rings - i would like to see the riddler running sex trafficking rings. It's different, dark and he can be so mysterious that he has the nickname, riddler.

The plot of the story is that a girl, drugged up and used in the sex trafficking ring is rescued and tries to come clean, expose people - but the corrupt officials say she needs rehab, make up a few lies that she is suicidal, not safe - they medicate her and put her in Arkham Asylum - leaving her to rot.

She is key witness - Gordon wants her, as does bats - as does another mob boss, the penguin - known as this due to his sharp suits and ice cold character.

It's a race against time as to who gets her first.

We see Gordon trying to gain access the official way, Bats his own way and the two mob bosses through inside leaks and corruption.

Mean time we see and learn about Bruce Wayne - forever in his cave, rigged to gotham cctv through wayne enterprises, his friend and family care taker/body guard Alfred - ex military, british.

We see a young batman, in pursuit to take down gotham's bad guys.

It's a fushion of Dredd, Leon and Taken.

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