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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

A couple questions you need to address for your Cage origin to work properly.

1. So AIM's motives are... what? They don't have any? Whatever happens, happens. Their motivations are "because we can." AIM is a big giant nothing. They have no motivation, they have no goal. They're just doing it because they can. AIM needs a point.

2. Who is Luke Cage's villain? Your origin does not setup any true villain. AIM is the obvious and worthy villain but they are worthless in your origin because they have no direction. AIM needs to be personified in a specific villain or group of villains for Cage to beat up and your origin fails to do this.

Point 1 and 2 are tied together. AIM needs a goal. They experiment on prisoners to create villains to fulfill that goal. Cage, expected villain (this is implied in his history or explained through dialogue), doesn't go along. That's the story but your origin doesn't follow through on that promise because AIM doesn't have a point. Ask yourself this, what happens in your story after Cage gets out of prison? Does AIM go after him? Why were they creating super villains in the first place? What is the plot of this film?

The comic origin for Luke Cage also falls into this trap. The origin story that some of you have posted shows that Cage does not have a natural, villainous individual that came out of his origin. (Actually, society seems like the villain and that is personified in the prison guard) I think staying too close to the comic origin we miss the opportunity to give Cage a purpose besides being the good guy version of a mercenary.

Cage could use a recurring villain like AIM and their villains but AIM first has to have a point.

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