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Default Re: The Kryptonian Thread - Language, Writing, Culture, etc.

Originally Posted by Dark Sentinel View Post
Ok so this is what I can gather from the Kryptonian text:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Each full character is written in one swipe. From just what I'm seeing, the consonants are usually larger, fuller "glyphs", especially those which might be consonant clusters. So there's probably a fluid, natural system to the writing that allows for that, bearing a striking resemblance to Arabic and Sankskrit. The vowels appear to be these smaller "orbs"; it appears they all have the same general height, but again, diphthongs can be made by "clustering" these orbs, which is also interesting. And my favorite part, the way separate "words" are indicated, by the "bracket" resembling the top half of the shield.
It might look Arabic to those who don't know Arabic, but that is where the similarities end. The Arabic script is written from right to left and there is absolutely no visual resemblance whatsoever to the Arabic alphabet.

The influence of Sanskrit (and Hindi), however, is striking so you are right on that one.

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