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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
If you're a fan of Anne Hathaway, that's cool, and I have nothing against you. I don't have anything against her personally, it's just that she does nothing for me.
Question: Since you clearly have no interest in Anne Hathaway, and you also clearly do not like Nolan's movies at all, why do you spend so much time here? At least other regular critical posters either liked or loved the Nolan Batman movies overall. You can understand why they're here all the time. They're speaking as fans who were dissatisfied with certain parts of it. Like milost. He was really unhappy with TDKR, is often very critical of it, but there was things in it he enjoyed, like Hathaway, and he loved BB and TDK and staunchly defends them. It's easy to understand why he's here so frequently. But not you. You're not a fan at all:

I've never seen anyone invest so much time to movies that he constantly claims he dislikes and bore him. You're obviously just trolling.

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