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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 5

Originally Posted by echostation View Post
I hope when the James Stewart X meets the Patrick Macavoy he shaves his head like older bald himself fellow... Let James X version be bald as well and let them join forces together both bald in wheelchairs fighting against all. I think it would be powerful and well.. sort of sethu really
(okay hit me if i missed a sarcasm here)

Didn't Singer confirm that we wouldn't be seeing them interacting? I want to see Old Prof X existing as an incorporeal psychological archetype remaining in the minds of his students and friends -- that's why he goes undetected by the Sentinels and is still able to lead the X-Men into constructing the time-warp. Magneto, at the end of X3, is depowered. This is the future I want to see. Of course he'll still be in a wheel-chair and as Patrick Stewart, that's essentially how his students would remember him as so his psychic projection would resemble that.

As for Young Charles, I wouldn't mind if he goes bald at the end of this film instead at the beginning -- Cerebro is playing a big part, and McAvoy confirmed once how he wanted to explore what happens to Charles after he's exposed to Cerebro completely in the middle arc before going full Patrick Stewart. Exploring that wouldn't be a bad idea. If he has a breakdown shortly after being exposed to Cerebro, have his hair falling off, sort of enhancing his abilities further before he could muster it, it'd be a great throwback at something Erik sees and is inspired by again. Isn't that the whole point of the device from the first X-film? You had Magneto trying to essentially use a device that amplifies his own powers and then use it to force humans into becoming mutants; the point was that he couldn't because it'd put him in danger. I always imagined that to be something that Magneto got inspired by after seeing what Charles did with Cerebro. IN FC we have Beast finding a way to enhance his mutation as well. Young Magneto, seeing how things are crumbling around him, starts thinking about using that device to amplify his powers that'd be a nice hint to the first film.

On the other side, we have Trask creating hte Sentinels and trying to enhance his own limitations as a human being. The entire message / theme having a very careful Cold War parallel (since it's still the 70s) about military dependency and reliance on machines; you have the age-old tale of man trying to reach for things beyond his reach and...

Flash forward to DOFP, he has. And it has terrible repercussions. Magneto stays powerless; the Sentinels have enslaved everyone; Beast is nowhere in sight; and the only one who had any level of self-control when he tried to better himself with his machines (Charles) is still existing beyond his body. Perhaps there'd be a nice message there about how moderation saves the day, if Charles is indeed the one who practiced that during the 70s arc. (Or I dunno, switch it around; MAGNETO is the one who was practicing moderation and was careful enough despite his extremist ideology, but Charles, the ever idealistic dreamer, in his zeal for peace had instigated a world where the mutants were enslaved and there was "peace" at the cost of something that was very important: humanity).

Yes. This is the movie where you have the mutants confronting their own humanity: Charles losing his legs and his hair gives us a visible look into how his zeal is deteriorating his humanity and he losing himself to the mutant side of things. Magneto's turn to more traditional superheroics show how he is losing his humanity to ideology and symbolism; at the end of the day it is up to the X-Men to save their beloved mentors from their own dogmatism. But can they?

(Or, yknow, instead of Cerebro, maybe it's Time Travel that has caused Charles to lose his hair. Instead of travelling time, i mean THINKING about time travel: anyone would go bald thinking about time travel, so there's that).

Sorry for the long post.


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