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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

I agree with Milost and Anno. Both the script and editing wasn't very good. In fact, it seemed as though they were trying to wrap up the entire series in one film (which I didn't like). I'd rather have it be similar to the TDK as it's own story with very little time spent on BB. Or in this case TDK.

I felt like the editing and transitions in the beginning of the TDKR were awful. Some people on this board liked the fast paced beginning, but I didn't like how they were recapping or reiterating the events of TDK. If you needed a recap, you can watch TDK.

Another thing, I'm assuming that the Havey Dent Ceremony was the 8 year anniversary right? Did they ever mention that? Because it felt like this was the first time they were having that ceremony. If so, it's just another reason why the 8 year gap was a poor choice.

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