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Default Re: Official Superman Returns Discussion

I watched Superman Returns today for the first time in at least five years. I liked it the first time I saw it in theaters, but I can't seem to remember why. I think it was just the experience of seeing Superman on the big screen, since the Christopher Reeve films all came out before I was born. But still, I wasn't blown away by it. After some repeat viewings on DVD, I started to see all the flaws. I don't hate it, and combined with Superman and Superman II, they actually make for a decent trilogy, but it still deserved the backlash it got. Here's what I find wrong with the movie:

1. The cast brings absolutely nothing to the film. Brandon Routh looked the part, but his Superman had no personality. Kate Bosworth was completely wrong for the part of Lois Lane. She was way too young and she didn't have the attitude that Lois is supposed to have. Then you have great actors like Kevin Spacey and Frank Langella who just look like they don't even want to be there. Spacey phones it in for the whole movie except for the scene where Luthor explains his plan to Lois on the boat. Meanwhile, Langella is probably the most boring Perry White committed to screen. I did think that James Marsden, Sam Huntington and Parker Posey were okay in their roles. And why the hell is Kal Penn in this as a henchman? I think he had maybe one line.

2. Bryan Singer copied way too much from the 1978 film. We get it, he wanted to pay homage, and that's fine, but don't give us a rehashed version of the same movie. You want to use the John Williams score? Great, everyone loves it anyway. You want to throw in some lines from the original film like Superman's airplane statistics line? Okay, if kept to a minimum. But recycling plot points like Superman and Lois flying over the city or pretty much Lex Luthor's whole story arc (dimwit girlfriend, creating a new landmass)? Give me a break. That's my main problem with Superman Returns. Audiences didn't go nuts for it because it's essentially the same thing that had been around for nearly 30 years prior to that.

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