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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by MCU View Post
I also think Chesnut isn't a bad choice. My top pick? No. But he's a good actor actually who has been waiting for a star vehicle. This could be it. The only trouble is, BP has to have an African Accent whether its a true accent or acted, it needs to be there. I don't no if Chestnut can pull that accent off though.
In all the Xmen films Storm (hally berry) doesn't have an African accent, Gambit (Wolverine Origins film) didn't have a Cajun accent, Bashee (Xmen 1st Class) did not have a strong Irish accent. i think it would help mightily if T' Challa did have a strong accent but take note how Marvel films have been ignoring this from the beginning.

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