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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by Soundwave88 View Post
Personally I don't want to ever see the yellow oval logo... But it's not up to me haha, , Just everytime seeing the oval I think of a bullseye and reminds me of when the comic's when Batman had to be tone down the darkness, Maybe in the first one they could do it, then change to the black bat in the squeal
There is no point having a symbol unless it is visible. What is the symbol for if not to be seen?

Besides which, there are two practical purposes that have been accrued to the oval. The first is that it is the most heavily armoured part of the suit, and does indeed form a 'bullseye', as you suggest, distracting a gunman's aim from the weaker areas. The second is an innovation of Grant Morrison's, and plays to the idea of the symbol's visibility: it can be illuminated as Batman goes into an attack, letting his prey know exactly who it is they are dealing with.

On an aesthetic level, the yellow oval pops with the yellow belt, and allows a darker shade to be used beneath. This is why the Incorporated suit looks okay without trunks, but the new 52 suit looks bland and 'naked'.

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