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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by halo10 View Post
In all the Xmen films Storm (hally berry) doesn't have an African accent, Gambit (Wolverine Origins film) didn't have a Cajun accent, Bashee (Xmen 1st Class) did not have a strong Irish accent. i think it would help mightily if T' Challa did have a strong accent but take note how Marvel films have been ignoring this from the beginning.
Fox made the X films, not Marvel Studios. Though Storm had an accent in X1.

It's almost (almost) excusable that those characters were given American accents since they all lived in the States for a significant period of time/all their lives.

T'Challa having an American accent wouldn't make any sense at all given his upbringing, t'would be a massive miss step on MS's part if they Americanized him. You'd be unnecessarily taking away an aspect of him [that's unique to big superhero films].

[Gay Perry points a gun at the Gunman]
Gay Perry- I want you to picture a bullet inside your head right now. Can you do that for me?
Gunman- F*** you! Anyway, that's ambiguous.
Gay Perry- Ambiguous. No, no, I don't think so.
Harry- No, I think what he means is that when you say "Picture it inside your head" okay is that that a bullet will be inside your head. Or picture it in your head, like form an image...
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