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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

I hope that Batroc ends up as a potential villain for Black Panther to fight. It's all well and good with Klaw, but they need a physical threat too. Panther can't just be using his fighting prowess against a guy with a sonic blaster. That would be like watching a Kung Fu movie where only one side is using Kung Fu, and the other a high tech weapon. Where's the fun in that? Would be cool to see Batroc showing up in another Marvel movie too.

Maybe the villains could be Man Ape (who perhaps kills T'Chaka), Klaw, who comes seeking Vibranium and then later maybe forges an alliance with Man Ape, and Batroc as a henchman now working for Klaw after the events of Cap 2.

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