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Default Re: Alfred Pennyworth in the reboot

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
^And Brosnan can in the next couple of years
i feel brosnan may try and steel the scene and try too hard - Dalton would be a good way to go if you wanted him more of a body guard/mentor for Bruce that naturally adopted him after his parents died.

I think a butler, so to speak, these days is dated. A wealthy business man, play boy will have PA's - Alfred could have been hired as body guard/cheaufer for the wayne family, particular to look after the wife whilst Wayne Snr is away on business. They get bumped off and he naturally, steps in. He picks Bruce up when he is down, is that maternal link to his family, his past.

I also like the idea of Bill Nighy - he would be a warm, father like figure, but also with military past and a dab hand in the kitchen

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