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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

Originally Posted by OutOfBoose View Post
Yep, that's why his code about not killing is a mess. Why introduce this idea at all, when Batman constantly breaks his code for all kinds of reasons. It looks stupid and unnecessary. Vegiliante is a vigelinate.

Regarding that bomb in Batman Returns. It was an effective solution to the problem. Cops shoot people to death if somebody points even a toy gun at them. But when army of thugs turn streets into ruins with dynamite, rocket launchers (!!!) and hand grenades, when they shoot at people and so on, I don't see any reason for trying to be noble and merciful. They got what they deserved.
Yeah...that's not how the justice system works. VIGILANTISM is indeed something. But for the concept of Batman to work--a nebulous force that operates outside the law, but is given legitimacy to a point by the police department that works with him instead of against him--he needs to behave at least soemwhere in the lines of the law. If he is just going out there Charles Bronson style, "They got what they deserve" ain't going to cut it in a courtroom. Hence why when the police did think Batman is a killer at the end of TDK, he became public enemy no. 1.

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