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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
I think it is funny how many people don't like the armored suits because they think Batman should be more stealth while ALSO wanting Batman to have a bright yellow oval on his suit. Makes sense...
You have confused two completely different principles. Wearing heavy armour impedes Batman's agility which prevents him doing "Batman-ish" things. While stealth may be one of these, the more obviously excluded categories are fighting and acrobatics. His ability to use stealth is cited as a reason that he does not need to dress as Robocop, I don't think anyone has argued that the armour negates stealth as such, though I am willing to advance that point as well.

The yellow oval makes little difference to Batman's 'camouflage', if that's what you mean, because he isn't very camouflaged anyway. He remains hidden by sticking to the shadows and using ninja skills. If somebody sees him, they will see him. A 3" x 5" yellow disk won't make much difference.

Again, I ask what the point is in a symbol that isn't meant to be seen? I don't think there is one. Batman could just omit it altogether. In that respect, the black-on-black symbol preferred by Nolan is impractical and unrealistic.

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