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Originally Posted by Spuzz View Post
Wow lots of love for the first TMNT movie! As a kid I remember watching the second one on a taped VHS many times. But even then I knew it was pretty cheesy. I love the TMNT universe though so could someone explain to me what's so good/what holds up about TMNT the movie? Is it worth re-watching?
The first movie has awesome nostalgia quality. It's music is perfect- it doesn't have the cartoon theme, but the movie theme is just as rad.
It has a somewhat dark tone, with a dark wet shadowy urban landscape. It's a strange mix of tones that I find really interesting. There's something very mature about the whole thing, yet it's also very light hearted. It also feels quite close to the early mirage comics- with the origin of the turtles, splinters kidnapping, and the rivalry with the Shredder. It's like if the comics got a little toned down, but not the the point of the 80's cartoon. the humor is cheesy, but works if you're into it.
And the first sequel only has merit for nostalgia value. It's a lot closer to the cartoon in tone and style, and can be enjoyed for that.
Originally it was gonna have Bebop, Rocksteady, and an Utrom, which would have made it perfect.

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