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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

I'm somewhere in the middle on this between you two guys.

I mean, those "Batcaves" were sort of bunkers during the No Man's Land event since Wayne Manor and the Batcave were leveled from the earthquake. That is very similar to the temporary pad Bruce has in the Dark Knight since Wayne Manor was leveled in Batman Begins. Whether the story tellers and filmmakers were inspired by previous comics or not, it is similar.

Yeah, they're not decked out with white ceilings and they're not specifically called "Bat Bunkers", but they are temporary hideaways located in the city that Batman utilizes. One even has a furnace with coal just like the bunker in Dark Knight.

And then yeah, that later comic is directly influenced from Dark Knight. I dunno. All this Batman stuff, for me, is an evolving thing. Whether it's comics, TV shows, Burton, Nolan, or video games. Everyone takes from the wealth and creates something new, pushing it forward.

As for bald Zsasz, I always preferred the look where he had the crazy blonde hair and sharp sunglasses, but that's just me. Doesn't really make a difference. It's not like either look is that iconic or a costume, he's certainly no Batman or Joker in terms of appearance. Just an every day psycho.

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