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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

And that is what my idea is about. By 2018 they will need to replace them, and that could seriously stop the franchise in their tracks. If All the originals are gone and then suddenly replaced with brand new faces, it might really hurt the films and turn off some viewers. And I would hate for them to miss the opportunity to bring in new Avengers we may not see otherwise by simply recasting the original 6, a new actor playing Captaiin America and Iron Man and Thor, etc. Instead they could simply bring in new characters like Ant Man, Wasp, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Wonder Man, Vision, Tigra, Hercules, Valkyrie, and so on and so on.
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Artistsean, your schedule works fine for comic books; for a movie series, not so much.

As a gentle reality check, here's a reminder of what years your Avenger sequels would likely release, and the age of the "Big Six" (RDJ, Evans, Hemsworth, Ruffalo, Scarjo, Renner) in each:

1 (2012): 47, 30, 28, 44, 27, 41
2 (2015): 50, 33, 31, 47, 30, 44
3 (2018): 53, 36, 34, 50, 33, 47
4 (2021): 56, 39, 37, 53, 36, 50
5 (2024): 59, 42, 40, 56, 39, 53
6 (2027): 62, 45, 43, 59, 42, 56
7 (2030): 65, 48, 46, 62, 45, 59
8 (2033): 68, 51, 49, 65, 48, 62

This just goes to show how quickly the cast will age (no one left in their 20s, even as early as Avengers 2), and thus how quickly some or all of them are likely to fall off the pop culture radar. It also shows how pressed for time Joss and Marvel are to actually add new members in a timely fashion. Not to pick on your prognostications specifically, but if they *did* use your schedule, for instance, Black Panther wouldn't even show up until 2024.

The key is to strike while the iron is hot. Time is definitely of the essence here.

I was probably not clear, thinking it in my head but maybe not vocalizing it. The Rosters I chose were at random, just to show there are no shortage or important Avengers they could use without having to recast the original 6. I don't mean they MUST include Carol Davners in the 4th Avengers film. She could maybe show up in Avengers 7 for all I know. I am also not saying they wouldn't recast anyone either, maybe Avengers 5 includes a recasted Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. All I am saying is that there are SO MANY Avengers (Wikipedia lists over 100 Avengers) in the comics to chose from that they wouldn't have to recast. Their ages wouldn't really play into my idea either, since the majority of the actors wouldn't only stick around for about 3 solo films and 3 Avenges films and maybe 3 cameos. And then like the original 6, they'd be out. by the time they would get too old for the part they would be out of the films anyway. Captain America wouldn't be in Avengers 6 at all. By that time maybe Steve has retired being Captain America and passed it down to Bucky, and by that time maybe Bucky has left the franchise as well. So by Avengers 6 we would get a completely different roster than Avenger 1 had, but the staggered cast rotation would be hopefully subtle enough that the audience wont notice. And if the original actors felt like returning they could be recast or adjust the character for the age. Like maybe Steve started aging after he got unfrozen. But the age wouldn't really need to be a factor. And that is why the cast would HAVE to be staggered, with maybe 2 Avengers added, so that when the original 6 leave the audience still has at leasts 2 that were introduced in a previous film. So while Evans and Downy Jr., and the rest are gone, the public would still have Ant Man and the Wasp (previously introduced to the public in Avengers 2 or 3) so that they wont feel a total shock to their systems with loosing all the Avengers at once.
Ant Man and Wasp would stick around for at the very least 3 Avengers films. That would be at the very least 1 film after the original cast has left, and maybe 2 films even. I say at the very least because who is to say the actor who plays Wasp wont want to stay for 6 Avenger films, or something. My idea is a very very basic blueprint. And you are right, time is of the essence, my idea only works if they begin the staggering or the rotating cast as soon as they can, like Avengers 2 if possible. They will already have Falcon and Winter Soldier from Captain America 2, and War Machine/Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3, and maybe Ant Man and WAsp when Wright is finished with Ant Man.

So the basic idea is, after the actors who sign up for the Avengers' contracts are up new actors playing new Avengers are brought in, but to ensure that the public is ok the rotation of the roster is staggered like Law and Order style so that the audience always has at least 2-3 familiar faces to help them adjust to the new faces.
There would, of coarse, be random elements that would effect this, such as who was cast and what characters they played, the story the Avengers film is telling at the time, whether or not the actor wanted to stay past their contract, etc.
Characters like the Hulk have already sort of been grandfathered into the recasting Banner part. So maybe they could always have a Hulk if they wanted. And maybe they could always have a Vision once he was introduced. Maybe by the time Tony Stark is recast they can bring him into the Avengers again. Maybe the Avengers becomes international like I mentioned earlier and they want to bring in characters from around the world. Or maybe Certain actors who played the characters in the past, and are still young enough to do it, want to return as that character.
And maybe they start the 15 minute shorts before each Marvel film and certain characters test so well they want to bring them in, like Luke Cage or Moon Knight.
Perhaps some characters solo films don't do so well, but others do. So while maybe Captain Marvel's film does well, the Dr. Strange movie doesn't and they use her and leave him out.
In Ant Man I think that Pym should have two lab assistants named Dr. Bill Foster and Scott Lang. And that Pym should leave his Ant Man persona behind and become Giant Man. And Lang picks up the mantel and becomes Ant Man. And once Pym leaves Giant Man for Yellow Jacket, Foster becomes the new Ant Man. And once the actor playing Pym leaves the movies the actors who play Lang and Foster could step in to replace him in the Ant Man franchise and the Avengers films.
There are a variety of factors that would effect the films.

But my main idea is that, whatever characters from the Avengers comics they bring into the movies, they could feesibly keep the films going when the original actor's contracts expire. So instead of relaunching the whole franchise like they did with Spider-Man, they could just keep the films going with new Avengers. But to do this they need to start staggering the roster while the current original cast is still there.
Bring in characters like Ant Man and Wasp ASAP, now. Introduce some characters into the background that could effect the lineup later, like SHIELD/SWORD agent Carol Danvers.

let me know if I am still unclear on any part of my idea, I get the feeling that I get so into my ideas that I forget to post all the elements of them. Leave some stuff out or talk around them or even vaguely reference them without stating them outright.

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