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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Still, you know what we're talking about. Right?

Those places weren't "THE Batcave" (the cavern lair we know of that is under Wayne Manor). They were temporary hideaways within the city that Batman/Bruce Wayne operated from while the Batcave/Wayne Manor was being rebuilt after the earthquake. No different than the bunker.

Yeah, it wasn't referred to as "Bat bunker" in the comics (though, it's never referred to as "Bat Bunker" in the film either, just in the script and toy merchandise) in those days, but they still served the same function. The bunker in TDK could easily be a "mini Batcave" too. If Batcave, by definition is simply a place where Batman stores his gear and operates from.

I know where Reg was coming from. I also know where you're coming from with the Batman #687 inspiration, clearly inspired from Dark Knight (especially with Alfred going down there with the serving tray). Neither one of you are wrong.

It just depends on label. Like you said, they all house the Batsuit, computers, vehicles, weapons, etc. The only difference is name and location. Those "mini Batcaves" aren't even located anywhere near THE Batcave, so the only difference is THE name. I mean, what's the difference between those hideaways in No Man's Land to the ones in Dark Knight and later, modern comics? A ceiling, a color, and a name?

So maybe the argument we should all be having is that Nolan coined the term "Bat-bunker" which found it's way to the comics, not the idea of a temporary operating hideaway in the city that houses Batman's gear until his main establishment is finished/rebuilt.

Just to be clear, I'm not really arguing here. I just knew what Reg was talking about. Names or labels be damned.

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