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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Yeah, I know what you mean, you explained yourself well, I just don't agree. A Batcave is a Batcave, and a Bat-Bunker is a Bat-Bunker. It's like how a Motorcycle is different to a Car. They both have similar functions as their transportation vehicles, but they are visually and structurally different.

I don't doubt for a second Nolan got the idea for alternative diggs for Batman's base of operations from the comics. Most likely from No Man's Land, too.

But he didn't make another Batcave like the comics did. He could have. After all they were just old cave tunnels and things like that in the city. He made a Bat-Bunker instead. It didn't look like any Batcave from No Man's Land or any other comic, it wasn't structured like any Batcave. It just had the contents Bruce would have in his Batcave, which is the whole point of them.

Now if anyone here can refute me by showing me a Batcave or any kind of Batman base pre 2008 that had the clean white decor layout like Nolan's, and was called a Bat-Bunker, then I'll concede it was not a Nolan inspired creation at all. Until then the fact remains before 2008, Batman comics had never seen or heard of a white washed neat and tidy Bat-Bunker base for Batman.

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