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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

So, what makes those No Man's Land "Batcaves", Batcaves other than name? Isn't a Batcave Batman's hideaway located beneath Wayne Manor? Not all of them have stalagmites, just look at the pic you posted. Some of them are actual foundations, just like the bunkers. Isn't one of them even located at a Wayne Industries center? Or does white decor make it a bunker? Does a character have to refer to it as "Bat Bunker" for it to be legit? Bruce and Alfred never call it that in Dark Knight, the only thing that is spoken is "Batpod".
Burton's movies never called the Batwing or the Batskiboat by their names. Lets not get hung up on semantics of the absence of the official name being verbally mentioned in the movie. You can also apply that to characters in other movies, too:

Iron Man never called Obidiah Stane 'The Iron Monger'

The Incredible Hulk never called Blonsky 'The Abomination'

Spider-Man 3 never named Eddie Brock 'Venom'

Iron Man 2 never calls Mickey Rourke's character 'Whiplash'

Rhodey is never called War Machine

The Avengers never even calls 'Hawkeye', calling him just 'Agent Barton'

I don't know what makes those No Man's Land bases Batcaves. That's something the writers of the stories chose to call them:

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make about the NML bases all having different looks? Unless one of them looked like the Bat-Bunker, my point still stands.

Of course the overall design of the movie and comic book one looks different. They were not going to do a carbon copy of the movie's one. How uncreative would that be. Even The Narrows doesn't look the exact same. But it still is from Batman Begins. The general decor and design is the same. Same with the Bat-Bunker.

I'm in complete agreement that the comic borrowed/was inspired by 2008

but it's not like that idea of "Batman operating out of a place other than the Batcave" is new or original. Those previous pads of Batman WERE bunkers. All temporary fixes for him since they weren't THE Batcave.
I never said the idea of alternative Batcaves was original.

Just the Bat-Bunker.

Can I find you a pre 2008 Batcave that has white lights and is called a Bat-bunker? No.
Ergo Nolan created it.

The Batcave has taken on many different looks, from dank and cluttered to modern and sterile. Sometimes there's a T-Rex in there, other times, it's nothing but sleek, flat, clean architecture. Sometimes there's an entrance via clock, sometimes book case.
Semantics. They're all still the batcave just with different pieces of memorabilia and ways into them. I mean if you want to play that card you can also say Wayne Manor has had many different looks, too. So has Gotham City.

It's still Wayne Manor and Gotham City.

LOL look at how both radically changed between Batman '89 and Returns for example.

All I can say is, those No Man's Land are essentially "bat bunkers", in function, even though they're not white and not called "bat bunkers" directly. In fact, I'm not even sure if they're called "Batcaves" either.
Oh yes they were called Batcaves. I can show you some scans if you like?

And yes, TDK/Nolan did inspire the bunker in #687, the name anyway but there have been previous hideaways just like it previously. Even if it wasn't white or whatever.
There have been previous Batcave hideaways with the same function. An alternative base for Batman.

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