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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by the dmg View Post
I've been using Circle Battery Widget since I bought the Bionic at launch. Haven't had a problem with accuracy.

I'll try Battery Widget Reborn though.
I just noticed CBW showed my battery at 79 when it was in the 40's. I then checked and saw it hadn't been updated in awhile (last was actually Dec 2012, thought it was in 2011 for some reason) and some of the recent reviews mentioned issues. I came across Battery Widget Reborn which seems to be the exact same thing but with a more current update. Let me know what you think of it compared to CBW.

And I can't sing enough praises of Nova Launcher Prime. After I started using it, I was annoyed to learn it was one of the $0.25 apps on sale in Sept (a month before I got ICS which would have made it compatible for my device), so I didn't feel like buying it. However, it's awesome. I don't like buying apps but $4 for something I use every time I turn my phone on is definitely worth it. If you're only going to pay for one app, this is one to consider (a long with SwiftKey X and Titanium Backup if you root).

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