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Default Re: The Official Superman Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by 7heBoss View Post
The Superboy that WE know and have been following is still a clone. It is just a clone using the DNA of Superman and Lois, to recreate the Superboy Harvest is harboring. Also, Harvest seems to be trying to alter the events to change the future. He says so when he sees Superman and Wonder Woman together. He explains that he had been waiting for this moment in time because this is where history is the most malleable. So if the timeline is being altered than that can imply that the conception between Superman and Lois might never happen.

The idea that Superboy is a creation of Superman and Lois is a bit refreshing, a new take on the character. However overall and in the long run I think it still would have been better to go with Lex, it made more sense and made for a better story. Why else would Superboy have Lex in his subconscious as shown in the last issue? Maybe it is to be explained in the future. Also, if Superboy is a creation of Superboy and Lois than why did Superboy come out the way he did? In issue #1 when then are running tests on him they were all so curious as to why he acts the way he does. They were like, "Superboy doesn't feel compelled to help people like Superman does. So unless his human donor is a pathological, megalomaniacal, narcissist... we must have done something wrong."
I just think Superboy never felt the need to save people because of the fact he kept dying so young that he never felt the need to save people. I mean when he first died as a baby then first clone died later on. However I think Harvest is the reason as to why he always acted the way he did not Lex Luthor. I just would love it if Superman and Lois found out the truth sooner than later.

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