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Default Re: New Star Wars Show on Disney XD?

Really doesn't look real, looks like someone combined the Clone Wars with 1313 and spit this out. "Skye Bonteri" as in Lux Bonteri? Not to mention "Supreme Chancellor" Mon Mothma, if I recall the only Supreme Chancellor was Palpatine after he received his emergency powers. If Disney is going to make it's move it's going to be something different than what we've gotten and I doubt it's going to include any reference to either of the canceled projects to avoid reopening a healing wound amongst fans.

Not to mention Reclamation is a pretty non-Disneyesque title.

Anyway I'm not totally upset the Clone Wars is over. I really hope someone tells Filoni there are ways to build suspense without dragging out a strong story with weak filler. Barris Ofee had great potential, Maul was much better than in the films, and Tarkin was always fun but there was just so much useless crap! Hopefully some of the writers from the scrapped Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes can help show Filoni how you successfully do season spanning story arcs.

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