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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Originally Posted by Gotham's Knight View Post
Thanks, guys. If you want the full thing though, here:
I just read this and what a read. This truly opened my eyes. I would advise people who may not like this film as much as some of us here but still do like it or are still on the fence to please really give this a good read through. Ice theme I would never of thought of, That blue dress & blue flower(that selina is his blue flower). Bruce doesnt need the rope now (batman) & Blake swinging into the cave with a rope, because Blake believes in the batman (which he will become) to help people and cope with his frustration with no longer being with the police force cause he believe their laws are shackles in helping people. Point is Blake needs the rope(Batman) to achieve his goals Bruce now doesnt need the rope/help/Batman because he can and has done what he wanted to do.

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