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Default Re: The Official Superman Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by Superman Earth1 View Post
I just think Superboy never felt the need to save people because of the fact he kept dying so young that he never felt the need to save people. I mean when he first died as a baby then first clone died later on. However I think Harvest is the reason as to why he always acted the way he did not Lex Luthor. I just would love it if Superman and Lois found out the truth sooner than later.
What do you mean? There are 2 Superboys and only 2, The Original (Jon) and the Clone (Kon-El). These are the only 2 versions that have ever existed, as far as we know so far. The Original which was conceived in an alternate future Lois and Superman and then the Clone created from samples of the Sources, Lois and Superman, not a sample of the original clone. So Kon-El does not carry the memories of the original Superboy. He actually carries the memories of Superman which is why he always placed himself in Kansas during the simulations. Also, neither version has ever died, that is just what the others thought. What really happened was that Jon went into a temporary dormant state so that his hybrid body could align itself.

Regardless Kon-El doesn't have any knowledge of these "deaths" consciously or subconsciously so there is no way it would affect his behavior. So the reason as to why Superboy was never compelled to help anyone is still in the air.

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